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In 1992, Tom Delonge, Mark Hoppus and Scott Raynor formed the band "blink". They regularly jammed in Tom's garage or Scott's bedroom and became well known around the local clubs. They were forced to change their name however, by an Irish Techno band who threatened to sue. This band was also called Blink and to escape being fined Mark, Tom and Scott added the 182 to their name.

In 1994 Blink 182 released their first full length album, Cheshire Cat. In 1996, they signed a joint-venture record deal with Cargo Music and MCA Records, with their first MCA release Dude Ranch (1997). The album set the stage for their current success and by the end of 1998, they had emerged as one of the most popular pop-punk bands of the year.

Just before a live show and the recording of the album Enema Of The State, Scott Raynor suddenly dropped out of Blink 182 and returned to university. Tom and Mark were now in dyer need for another drummer and Travis Barker of the Aquabats filled in for the live show. He learnt all of the songs in 45 minutes before the show and Mark and Tom were so impressed they asked him to join the band...and he did!

Blink 182 took a break from the road after Christmas '98 to begin pre-production for Enema Of The State which was recorded in the band's hometown of San Diego at Signature Sound. Enema Of The State shattered the standard set by Dude Ranch.

Since then BLink 182 have released two more albums...The Mark Tom and Travis Show and Take Off Your Pants ANd Jacket. Take Of Your Pants and Jacket was released in early 2001 and its catchy, punk-pop songs, in my opinion create their best album yet.

In Planet 182 you will find bio's on all the members, rare facts, all the lyrics...even for the funny/joke songs and much much more.

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