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1. The No.182 in Blink-182 has no significance at all. There have been several rumors surrounding what 182 means (like the amount of times a word was said in a movie) but there really is nothing behind it. Its just a random number they picked and thought it sounded good.

2. Other names considered for the album "Enema Of The State" were: "Turn Your Head And Cough", "Viking Wizard Eyes" and "Blink 182: Electric Boogaloo."

3. If you take out the back slip with the big eye on Enema, look where it folds up on the left and in small white letters you can see VIKING WIZARD EYES, WIZARD FULL OF LIES.

4. The band appeared in the movie “American Pie” BUT the former drummer’s name Scott Reynor was used in the credits instead of Travis Barker’s for some reason.

5. In the "Dammit" video, there is a poster for the movie "Farinelli", which is a movie about a singer who had his balls removed so he could sing higher.

6. The band used to call themselves "Sexual Monkey" as a joke – stupid fucks.

7. The band's favorite movies are: Fletch, Three amigos, and Vacation.

8. In the chorus to the Party Song they are actually singing "Vagina Vagina Vagina".

9. The food fight in the "Josie" video really got out of hand and furniture was thrown around the room.

10. Their album, Dude Ranch, is certified gold in the USA and Canada and platinum in Australia. Enema of the state is certified quad-platinum in the USA.

11. Mark and Tom had a glow in the dark trick whereby they’d ask everyone sitting with them in their van if they wanted to see it. They would switch off all the lights so you couldn’t see anything. You could hear them shuffelling around a bit then Mark would say “It’s not working turn the lights back on” and one poor guy would have Tom’s dick an inch from his face.

12. Blink were asked to change their name by an Irish Techno band and to escape lawsuits and copyright fines they added the 182 to their name.


1. At every Blink show, Mark writes a different message on his speaker with white duct tape. Anything from "Hi Mom!" to "I have no idea where I am". He even wrote a message to his girlfriend after they had been fighting over who loved the other more. It said "I love you More".

2. Mark has no tattoes.

3. Mark wrote "Going away to college" on Valentines Day after watching Can't Hardly Wait.

4. Mark wrote Dammit in just 5 minutes, about a break-up that never actually happened.

5. Mark's hero of all time is none other than Homer J. Simpson.

6. When Mark was little, he was home alone and he saw a story on the news about a killer on a motorcycle. He heard a motorcycle engine outside and called his mummy crying.

7. Mark appeared nude, at MTV's Castaway Countdown, during the band's performance of "What's My Age Again?" He again appeared on-stage nude at KROQ's 1999 Weenie Roast.

8. Mark hates playing any tour dates in Europe and actually hates the taste of beer, no lie!!

9. Mark attended Burroughs High School in Ridgecrest, California.

10. Mark's father's name is Tex, his mother's name is Carrie, and his younger sister is Anne.

11. Mark owns a pet beagle, named Ahi.

12. At a show in Boston, he took an inflatable sheep on stage. Shoved a drumstick up his ass and threw it into the crowd – nice guy giving away free shit like that (lol…that was funny hey.)

13. He think’s Disney movies kick ass!

14. He has a nipple piercing on his right nipple and an ear ring in his left ear.

15. When Mark first met Tom he wanted to impress him so he climbed the light poll outside Tom’s house and jumped off it onto the road. He broke both his heels…Tom thought he was a real fuckhead.


1. Tom worked at a place called “Gary's Chicken and Ribbs” in his home town Poway, California when he finished school.

2. Tom has 8 tattoos.

3. If you look in the background shot on the "All The Small Things" video, when the girls pour that pink candle wax on mark, you can see Tom making out with his girlfriend.

4. He got kicked out of school for drinking.

5. Tom was voted homecoming king by his friends to piss off the school administrators who all hated him.

6. Tom has a huge belief in aliens and bought a computer just to search for UFO’s and shit. He even wrote a song about them – Aliens Exist.

7. He doesn’t smoke.

8. His favorite CD of all time is "Less Talk, More Rock" by Propaghandi.

9. Tom appears in the movie Idle Hands as a fast food employee. He only has one line.

10. The very first album he ever bought was a DI album.

11. Tom attended Poway High school in California.

12. His girlfriend, Jennifer, got mad about the line from Dumpweed, "I need a girl that I can train..."

13. He started the band in 1993.

14. Tom dated Mark’s sister, Anne. She told Mark that Tom wanted to start a band and introduced Mark to Tom. They started playing in Tom’s garage and haven’t looked back since.

15. Tom chose the name BLINK simply because he likes short verbs.

16. Some say Tom’s lip ring is fake. Others say he has the scar to prove it…what can you believe?

17. His favourite movies are Karate Kid, Back to the Future Trilogy, Die Hard Trilogy and Braveheart last of the Mohicans.

18. He has a sister Kari and a brother Shon. His parents are Connie and Tom.


1. Former member of the Aquabats and his stage name with them was "Travis Baron von Tito."

2. Travis is really big collector of muscle cars and bikes.

3. Travis teaches the drums to younger kids.

4. Travis also played in a band called Feeble.

5. Travis has 40 - 50 tattoos on his body, including a giant boom box on his stomach. All together they cost around $7,000 and were all done by John Sanchez.

6. Travis loves leopard prints he has a cowboy hat to prove it.

7. He grew up in Fontana, California, which is located in San Bernadino county.

8. Travis was once a trashman in Laguna Beach.

9. He tried taking up tattoo drawing because he got bored in high school.

10. His favourite cereal is Lucky Charms.

11. If you watch the film clip for P.Diddy’s song “Bad Boy 4 Life” you can see Travis playing the drums.